Roley Poley Productions

540 President St., Suite 2M

Brooklyn, NY 11215


718.797.1107 studio

917.797.9222 cell

718.228.3626 fax


Because you need to coordinate getting a 5-Ton Grip Truck and 35 cast and crew up to Glacier Point in Yosemite National Park…


And make that rock star comfortable for the 17 minutes he’s allotted to get your national spot done just right…


Or maybe select just the right shade of mottled blue for your VP of Sales to record his (Insert Meeting Theme Here:) Call To Action, to your sales force.


And if those details are entirely too specific, that’s the point.

We relish the details. We embrace the impossible.

And we do it, quite simply, because we love film and video.


From any variety of HD all the way up to 35mm film...editing on-site, in-house or our most favorite – far flung international locations with spotty electrical capabilities -
we’ve assembled a team of hardcore production junkies who take their job seriously.


Simply put, regardless of the size of the budget, the nature and complexity of the shoot – we give it our all.


And we work really hard to make the final product, and our clients, the hero.